Happy belated Fourth of July

Sorry, I was busy celebrating (using Uber, booking AirBnB, 3d printing, eating from a food truck, and shooting off fireworks with no permit! #liberty)

But if you, like me, are still basking in the liberty afterglow, here’s a pic of some lovely Fourth of July flowers I received as a gift and a post-Fourth of July reading list so the fun doesn’t have to stop.


Nick Gillespie, “What Federick Douglass Teaches Us about July 4th and American Exceptionalism” (and here’s a video of James Earl Jones reading Frederick Douglass’ speech).

A certain rap you may have heard about a little known Founding Father.

Two PLF attorneys on why property rights are the jam.

Glenn Reynolds review of Randy Barnett’s Our Republican Constitution.

And something that always cheers me up: Tim Sandefur, “Did I ever tell you how lucky we are?”

One more pretty thing this Sixth of July… someone once told me books should never be arranged according to color, but c’mon…

Book Flag

“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?”






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